The purpose of this machine is to reduce CO oscillation and provide a cheaper solution when your diesel car had a catalyst problem. Our machine is a recycling catalyst and car owners can use the same catalyst so we are providing cheaper solutions. This machine is a logical solution for Autocar service owners and diesel automotive owners. Also, this machine is working for Trucks, cars, tractor, etc. You can use this machine for all types of catalysts and DPFs (diesel particulate filters).

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    Dimensions of the machine: 110x90x190
    Dimensions of the transportation: 140x90x220
    Operating Voltage: 220-240v 50Hz
    Pump: 220v 50Hz 1.1KV 1.5HP 75 L/min
    Heater: 220V 50Hz 3.5Kw (2 circles x 3.5 Kw, 1 operating curciut during a cycle)
    Lift WInch: 220V/50Hz ; 510W; Rope Length-12.5 M ; Max loads capacty with single rope- 125 kg max; MAX load capacity with double rope- 250 kg
    Air pressure in the working head (bar): 6-8
    Compressor Air Flow DUring Operation (bar): 6-8
    Gross Weight(KG): 220
    Ventilation: Through The Vent
    Operating Temperature: 5-80
    Capacity – Water Tank Capacity(L): 65
    Purpose: Cleaning of DPF/FAP filters and catalysts of light vehicles, vehicles up to 7,5 tons, trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment- Euro 6 with filters.


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